Super Power.
Choices across a wide spectrum.

The Signia Power Range rewrites the rulebook on what people with severe to profound hearing loss can expect from hearing aids, enabling wearers to choose from BTE or discreet RIC models.

All devices in the range, from the inconspicuous Carat and inductively charged Cellion RICs to the versatile Motion P and the super power Motion SP BTEs are equipped with primax technology for outstanding sound. Compatible with a variety of accessories, they’re also TeleCare ready for smoother, more convenient fittings.

This new range fulfills all your customers’ power wishes.

Carat primax

Elegantly compact and well balanced, Carat hearing aids combine superb comfort with complete discretion. They feature a long-lasting battery that wearers can recharge with the eCharger while they sleep, making fiddly battery changes a thing of the past.

Carat is currently not available in India.


Cellion primax

This is the world’s first inductive charging hearing aid with lithium-ion technology for quick and convenient recharging. Its superb ease-of-use thanks to the unique OneShell design and our most convenient charging process to date make Cellion a sophisticated choice for better hearing.


Motion P primax

Motion P primax is a BTE with a sleek and compact housing and an optional ThinTube, making it an ideal choice for those seeking discretion. Powered by key primax technologies like EchoShield, SPEECH and SoundSmoothing, Motion P creates unique hearing experiences.


Motion SP primax

When it comes to people faced with the most profound cases of hearing loss, Motion SP is the powerful choice to make. It delivers maximum levels of amplification paired with all the necessary features a hearing aid of its class requires, including an optional audio shoe for direct audio input and integrated push and rocker switch controls.