Questions and Answers

How is the new brand Signia differentiated from Siemens?

For how long will the Siemens brand continue to exist in the hearing aid business?

As announced in our press release from January 2015, Sivantos has an agreement with Siemens to further use the brand Siemens to develop, market and sell hearing products over the medium term. Therefore, the Siemens brand can and will be used by Sivantos also for the coming years. 

How is the new brand Signia differentiated from Siemens?

With our new brand Signia we build on our experience and all the great values we have developed over a long time. At the same time we want to push further and move in a new direction. With Signia we can communicate differently and better through more contemporary marketing channels to appeal to a broader and younger audience.

How do the brands Siemens and Signia relate to each other?

Signia will be our new product brand which we will build besides the Siemens brand over the coming years. With dual branding on our products and in our advertising we can leverage the best of both brands. On the one hand we will continue to benefit from consumers’ confidence in the name Siemens and on the other hand we will be able to connect with a younger and broader audience through striking communication in contemporary channels.

What will change for business partners when Siemens is no longer available as a product brand?

Sivantos has just closed fiscal year 2015 as the most successful in revenue in the company’s history. So while the company name has changed, the market acceptance of our products and services has been exceptional. During the last year Sivantos has heavily invested in product development and optimization of production facilities, as well as in sales and marketing.  We will keep on spending in these areas so that the Signia brand will be able to thrive and succeed with innovative products and premium services for our business partners and their customers.

What will change for end consumers when Siemens is no longer available as a product brand?

In terms of technological innovation, quality, warranties, repairs, services and support nothing will change for our business partners and consumers. Our goal with Signia is to especially approach the growing ‘baby boomer’ segment with a warmer and more human brand image leveraging contemporary online and social marketing channels that will appeal to a broader audience.

Will business customers still be able to use the brand Siemens in their advertising?

Yes, customers will be able to continue to use the Siemens hearing systems logo or the Siemens Approved Partner emblem in their advertising and marketing as long as they are advertising Signia or Siemens products and follow the branding guidelines.